Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dorchester Gets Another 6" Of Snow

Round two of snow, delivered just 48 hours since the last round ended, dropped a healthy amount of the white stuff on the Dorchester area during the morning hours of Feb. 4.

A preliminary snow total from the National Weather Service shows about 6" fell in Dorchester's village limits.

Here are totals for other communities in Nebraska:

Lincoln -- 5.5" - 6.2"
York -- 4.2"
North Platte -- 7.8"
Bradshaw -- 4.2"
Hyannis -- 7.0"
Aurora -- 6.3"
Miller -- 6.4"
Sutherland -- 7.0"
Arnold -- 7.0"
Callaway -- 8.5"
Arthur -- 8.0"


  1. I hate to complain but where is the village snow cleaning crews??? Good lord, nowhere to be seen. Can the village contract with a farmer or one of those good ol' boys with a plow on their truck? Let's go guys, I've seen my property tax bill and I know a good chunk goes to the village. I expect services in return , that's only fair

    1. Streets looked good when I got out around 5 p.m. today

    2. ask don what he think's?

  2. I would rather have a little snow then the smell of cow........when it gets warm

    1. I smell T-BONE STEAK for supper and ICE CREAM for dessert....

      (Thank you, you poopie cows!)

  3. This year your snowstorms are even deeper by the time that they here get to Boston. Feb 3 - 24 inches, Feb 6, 16 inches, Feb 9 supposed to be a foot or more. Unlike you, we have no good place to put it, except as high as we can sling it. And I'm not slinging something similar to the smell of cow. I could send pictures...

    Bill Skocpol, Saline County historian in absentia.

    Note: I'm now retired from teaching physics at Boston University and have resumed writing from my archives and my research about Wilber/Crete/Saline County. Some will remember that my grandfather Lad Skocpol was the gunsmith in Crete, and my grandmother Elsa was very active in many organizations, including giving Sadilek/Stastny things to the Saline County Museum in Dorchester. I went through the middle of the sixth grade in Crete, and thoroughly enjoyed the 50th reunion of our graduating Class of '64 this past July.


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