Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Christmas Decorations, Street Light Banners Welcome Visitors

This post isn't so much for those who reside in Dorchester as it is for those who might be coming home for the holidays.

The first thing you'll notice when you drive down main street this Christmas season is Dorchester's new Christmas lights.  These are some of the classiest holiday decorations of any town in Nebraska -- plain, pretty and festive.  

We are told the town board used revenue derived from KENO to help pay for these new ornaments that have really spruced up the community this December.

Next, you'll notice the new town "banners" or miniature welcome signs attached to the light poles on main street.  These signs are the latest project of the Dorchester Foundation, which works hard to raise money for such efforts.  If you would like to make a Christmas donation to the Foundation, just donate online by clicking here.

Finally, you will notice that gas prices in Dorchester, like everywhere else, continue to plunge.  This is a welcome Christmas gift, even if those low prices are due largely to a big slowdown in the global economy.  Dorchester's Farmers Cooperative service station is offering some of the lowest prices in southeast Nebraska.

We think Dorchester leaders deserve a big "thanks" for their efforts to make this Christmas in Dorchester a very happy one.


  1. I think gas prices are dropping because OPEC knows the transcanada keystone xl is about to get approved come the first of the year the the republicans take over both houses, thank god!

  2. I think they should keep the light up year round. They look great :)

  3. They look more like the Forth Of July. I miss the bells.


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