Tuesday, November 4, 2014

UPDATE: 2014 Election Results

It's Election Day in Nebraska and across America.  Here in Saline County, polling sites closed at 8 p.m. 

We believe it's important that local communication sources -- not just the national press corps -- report the results.  After all, elections do impact you, your community, your children and your pocketbook.

Here are the results from races that were on our ballot in Dorchester (last updated Nov. 5, 9:45 a.m.):
  • U.S. Senate -- WINNER: Republican Ben Sasse (65%-31%)
  • Governor -- WINNER: Republican Pete Ricketts (58%-39%)
  • U.S. House -- WINNER: Republican Adrian Smith (75%-25%)
  • Nebraska Legislature -- WINNER: Laura Ebke (51%-49%)
  • Attorney General -- WINNER: Republican Doug Peterson (67%-33%)
  • State Auditor -- WINNER: Republican Charlie Janssen (60%-40%)
  • Saline County Offices -- WINNERS: Alan Moore (Sheriff), Deb Spanyers (Treasurer)
  • Dorchester Village Board -- WINNERS: L.J. Barley, Dean Pracheil, Todd Jensen
  • Dorchester School Board -- WINNERS: Matt Hansen, Steve Vyhnalek, Carol Schnell
  • NRD -- WINNERS: Jason Pohlman (57%-43%). Larry Barta (52%-48%).
  • NU Board of Regents: WINNER: Rob Schafer (53%-47%).


  1. maybe next time DR.PHIL, muttin the dog!!!

  2. The times is pretty good or lucky. all your predictions or endorsements came to be

  3. Somewhere, Muffin the dog is smiling on these election results...

    1. Yeah, even a miserable liberal wouldn't vote for a guy who would pull such an unethical stunt!!

      Or would they? :-(

  4. Was hoping to see Jamie Karl win, maybe next election.

    1. I am glad to see he didn't win!


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