Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our Picks For Tuesday's Local Elections

Only three more days until Election Day. For most of us, that can't come too soon -- unless you enjoy the political advertising, campaign promises, yard signs and bumper stickers. 

In the Dorchester area, we have a few races of our own that will be decided on Tuesday, including important races for Dorchester School Board and the Village Board.

While we have promised not to make a practice of getting into the endorsement business, we  believe there is a need for some public discourse when it comes to who is on the ballot, who will best represent us, and who will most wisely spend our tax dollars. 

Here is who the Dorchester Times is recommending for our local representative bodies:

Dorchester School Board
Matthew W. Hansen 
Steve Vyhnalek
Carol Schnell 

Dorchester Village Board
Dean Prachiel
Todd Jensen
LJ Barley

The individuals who have filed for Dorchester School Board seats are all incumbents.  We feel these representatives have done a good job balancing the needs of the Dorchester school district, while looking out for the pocketbooks of the district's taxpayers.  We also believe all three are committed to ensuring Dorchester academics remain top notch.

In the village board race, Prachiel and Jensen are incumbents seeking re-election, while Barley is a challenger seeking to fill a vacancy left by retiring board member Joyce Karl.  We feel the mix of board experience, knowledge of current issues and Barley's role as a small business owner on Dorchester's main street will serve the voters of Dorchester well.

In the race for Legislature, we have endorsed Laura Ebke based on her conservative approach to state government.

Be sure to vote on Tuesday! Every vote counts.


  1. Seems like a fine group of candidates, who will represent our interests in several different arenas.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This has to be totally BS.. why would any veterinarian call the owners of a dog and tell them that it had died knowing that the owners would want to pick up the body (pet) to burry it???? Hmmmmmm. just saying.

  3. I'm not in the business of campaign management, but I'd stick to the facts if I were either side. I'm voting for Ebke tomorrow not based on Phil's vet practices but because of his politics and political IQ, which leaves a little to be desired. Laura is sharp and more fiscally minded than Phil. That is just one female voter's opinion.

  4. sometimes the truth hurts!!!!


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