Friday, August 25, 2017

FLASHBACK: Results From Our 2014 Community Survey

In August 2014, we asked Dorchester area residents to take our community survey.

The was idea was to help community members get a better pulse of our village and its future needs.  

Nearly 100 respondents took the survey (96 to be exact).

Today, three years later, we look back on our survey and see what, if any, progress has been made.


  • A strong majority (75%) thinks it is "very important" for Dorchester to grow its population.
  • To encourage population growth, most respondents said new housing and new businesses were key.
  • Dorchester's close proximity to larger towns and its school are top selling points, most respondents said.
  • Unpaved streets are a key factor in keeping Dorchester from reaching its full potential, most respondents said.
Here is a look at each question we asked, followed by the answers chosen:

How important is it for Dorchester to grow its population? (One answer)

"Very important" -- 75.0%
"Somewhat important" -- 18.8%
"Not important" -- 6.3%

How would you encourage new population growth in Dorchester? (Multiple choice)

"Work with young people to plan Dorchester's future" -- 30.9%
"Bring in new housing" -- 48.9%
"Start recruiting new businesses" -- 50%
"Recruit DHS grads back to the area" -- 13.8%
"Offer incentives for people to relocate, such as free lots on which to build" -- 26.6%

What is Dorchester best selling point? (Multiple choice)

"It's clean, quiet and safe" -- 28.1%
"Affordable cost of living" -- 30.2%
"Character of those who live here" -- 22.9%
"Proximity to larger towns and cities" -- 53.1%
"Its small, quality school and programs for kids" -- 37.5%

Which factor is keep Dorchester from reaching its full potential? (One answer)

"Lack of new housing options" -- 12.5%
"Unpaved streets" -- 41.7%
"Too few employers in town or near by" -- 15.5%
"The loss of young people after high school" -- 18.8%

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  1. supporting local businesses is key to people wanting to start new businesses in town..., I notice more out of county and out of state plates parked at The Well when I drive by, multiple times a day. Who ever is working on that house is pouring tons of their own money and their own labor into it...for out of county people to enjoy...doesn't make sense that there is not more local support there.


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