Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Pictures From Dorchester

Fall is still officially a week away, making its debut Sept. 23.

But it certainly feels like autumn already as temperatures last week were well below average -- coming dangerously close to our first frost on Sept. 13.

Autumn in Nebraska is a wonderful time of change, filled with vibrant colors, pleasant weather, football Saturdays, fresh fall air, and optimism for a bountiful harvest.  

If you live here during this time of year, you should feel lucky and blessed.  

The Dorchester Times recently asked its readers to send us their autumn pictures.

Today, we share with you a fall photo we've been sent.  We hope you it as much as we did.

Send your autumn pictures to: Dorchester.Times@gmail.com.  Be sure to note the "dot" between "Dorchester" and "Times."

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  1. Just beautiful! That sky is amazing!


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