Saturday, September 6, 2014

DPS Art Teacher Recognized For Inspirational Design

Here's some happy news coming from the Dorchester Public School's art program.

A week before the new school year commenced, DPS art instructor Mrs. Stacy Lutjemeyer received an e-mail asking for artists to submit designs for the Illuminating Lincoln Lighthouse project.  Each piece of art was to be designed in the shape of a light bulb.  Mrs. Lutjemeyer thought this would be a great project to start DPS art classes.  

Mrs. Lutjemeyer informed the Times that the Dorchester students submitted some extremely creative pieces of art -- from  Husker designs to a rural landscape.  Each student also wrote a description of why they chose this design for their light bulb.  

Mrs. Lutjemeyer, who paid the students' entry fee out of her own pocket, took the time to design a bulb herself.  A week later, she received an e-mail with some very nice comments about the student work she sent in.  Also, she learned that her own designs had been chosen to be part of the exhibit next summer -- if a $3,000 sponsor steps forward.  

There was an article in last weekend's Lincoln Journal Star about the project.  

The Times has been informed that if Mrs. Lutjemeyer's design gets a sponsor, she will get a 6 ft. tall light bulb and funding for supplies to decorate it with her design.  Money that is leftover, will go to help support The Lighthouse in Lincoln.  (It is The Lighthouse's 25th year, serving local at-risk youth with year-round programs.) The completed lightbulbs will be on display next summer around Lincoln.  They will be auctioned off after that.

Mrs. Lutjemeyer's design was a tribute to the late actor and comedian Robin Williams.  

Mrs. Lutjemeyer said: "Depression is a ongoing problem everywhere.  Hopefully, this bulb design will promote happiness and spreading it to others that may be down."

As a side note, Mrs. Piper substituted for Mrs. Lutejemeyer while she was in Lincoln yesterday with her design.  Pictured is Mrs. Piper and the Dorchester 8th graders, as the class worked on a project to promote positive things that happen in education at school. 

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