Thursday, September 11, 2014

Advice For The Young -- And The Young At Heart

This blog and its staff place much importance on Dorchester's history. We do this because there are lessons to be learned from days gone by.

We also believe in listening to those who are older than us. (Yes, there are still a few people older than those of us on the Times staff.)  For those people, too, carry valuable lessons.

Today, we share with our readers a worthwhile article and an interview with a 104-year-old Florida woman.  In it, the centenarian attributes her long life to an optimistic outlook, a healthy way of life, and an active mind (including reading).  

She also notes that she liked to travel and still likes to gamble. She believes in God and goes to church. She never worried much about money. And she doesn't watch the movies of today because they've "changed" (even though she was a fan of "the pictures" the 1930s and '40s).

The article mentions a recent survey of Americans who have reached age 100 or older. More than one-third of those centenarians said that – if they could do it again – they would spend more time with loved ones.  Another 21% said parents should be stricter with their children.  Those were the top two answers given.

So the point here is, go ahead, invite your friends and family over tonight.  

Take time to reconnect with old friends.  

Don't coddle your kids or be their best buddy, but instill them with life lessons and teach them right from wrong at all times.

Do now what so many can no longer do but wish they had.


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