Saturday, August 9, 2014

Serious Accident Near Dorchester Sends Six To Hospital

Earlier this evening, around 5 p.m., a serious accident two miles east of Dorchester shut down Highway 33 for a lengthy period of time.

UPDATE: 10/11 News covered the story. The Lincoln TV station reports that a two-car accident on Highway 33 sent six people to the hospital and shut down a section of the highway for almost two hours Saturday night.

The Dorchester Volunteer Fire and Rescue Dept. assistant fire chief says an SUV carrying a family of five was going east, while the car involved was traveling west on Highway 33. He says the accident trapped the person in the car under the dashboard.

It took fire crews from Friend, Crete and Dorchester nearly 30 minutes to get the person out. The car's driver was taken directly to Bryan West Trauma. The Assistant Fire Chief says the injuries were critical, but not life threatening.

He says the five people in the SUV had minor injuries.

Editorial comment: This is another testament of the hard work and sacrifices made by volunteers at our local fire and rescue departments.  Thanks to those from the DVFD, as well as Friend and Crete departments who helped at the scene today.


  1. We should all be thankful for the brave men and women who are watching out for us all hours of the day or night. Every time you see one of them, please take the time to thank them for this service.

  2. We are very proud of our rescue workers, who risk their lives to keep us safe. It is a miracle that there were not fatalities in this accident. Thankyou again


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