Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dorchester Gets More Rain, But Avoids Huge Amounts So Far

Dorchester was drenched earlier today, but we've avoided the heavy soakers that have hit York county.  One report, compiled by the NeRAIN reporting program, shows that the area just southwest of the communnity of York was deluged with nearly 6.5 inches.

See the York News-Times for images from that community.

In the meantime, rain and thunderstorms are supposed to resume around 5:30 p.m. tonight and continue off and on until tomorrow afternoon.  Keep up on the weather by clicking here.

For the sake of record keeping, here is a list of rainfall totals from our region over the past 36 hours:
  • York, 0.6 mile SW -- 6.42"
  • York, 1.0 mile ESE -- 5.01"
  • Hampton, 2.6 miles ESE -- 2.41"
  • Henderson, 3.4 miles ENE -- 2.39"
  • McCool Junction, 1.1 miles ENE -- 1.62"
  • Seward, 4.7 miles NE -- 1.28"
  • Dorchester, 2.1 miles NW -- 0.46"
  • Friend, 3.4 miles E -- 0.15"

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