Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guest Letter: C'mon, Man! Clean Up That Property

(Note: The following letter and photos were submitted to this blog by a guest reader and a Dorchester resident.  The Times staff has determined that, despite its controversial nature, the article is appropriate for publication.  Other guest articles may be e-mailed to for consideration.)


Dear Dorchester Times,

If you have watched ESPN's Monday Night Countdown during football season, you know
 the phrase I'm about to invoke. During the show, the hosts will describe a play or series of plays that made them scratch their heads and say "C'mon man!"

Every community in Nebraska has a handful of neglected properties that also make you want to scream, "C'mon, man!" You know the ones I'm talking about.  The ones that look like the owner is purposely trying to recreate the set of that old TV show "Sanford and Son."  Dorchester is no different in that regard, even if it's just a very small percentage of homes that are painful eyesores.

Recently, on a walk around our town of Dorchester, my wife and I decided to snap pictures of the most offensive properties in Dorchester.  I do understand not everyone is physically able to take care of their yards and homes the way they would like, but I'm talking about the properties that someone actually had to work hard to mess up!

I can count about seven or eight truly offensive properties. I am sending you pictures of some of them, though I know you've seen them, too.  One is on main street! The owners of these properties should be forced to clean up immediately.  How would you like to be a home owner next to one of these "beauties"? Neighbors have rights, too. We pay taxes, too.

What happened to consideration for our fellow man (and woman)? What happened to hometown pride? What happened to self dignity?

Sorry for this rant, but I am proud to be a Dorchester resident.  I love our community and want it to never stop improving.  I don't know how to force someone to take care of or clean up their property.  Obviously, the town's threats of fines or even bulldozing isn't motivating some people, so maybe public pressure and shame are the only alternatives.  It's sad to think so.

I doubt your blog will run this or my photos.  I won't blame you if you don't, but I don't know what else to do other than to say, "C'mon, man! Clean up your act."




  1. The name should NOT have been withheld on this letter. If you have the balls to take the pictures and email them to the blog (when we all know who the properties belongs to), then you should dang well have the balls to have your name printed. C'mon, man!

  2. What dumps. I say this every time I drive by them, and I'll keep saying in. Bet I'm not the only one.

    Glad you guys printed the letter, name or no name.

    1. By the way, the only reason I don't sign my name to this comment is if you're willing to let your home look like that, no telling what you'd do to my home when I'm not looking. Seriously, man.

  3. oh wow, lets throw some more rocks at glass houses. people amaze me, so busy worrying about what someone else lives in, looks like, just cause they don't go to the same church, high society club or live in a brand new house. I am truly disgusted on how this small town acts like it is too good for reality!!!!
    you know I tell my son the reason why people pick on/bully others is either cause they are jealous of you or they themselves are being picked on.

    grown peeps, worry about your own back yard and keep your two bits in your own pocket!

  4. so maybe public pressure and shame are the only alternatives.........

    yes, lets bring back tar and feathering, better yet, lets attack the people who you can see are struggling. Does that make a person feel better?
    lets all stand on a the highest rock and preach to others what we think is better for the common man when we ourselves live in so much sin and filth deep inside ourselves.

    i bet the guy who wrote that letter is better than us all combined. heck, lets put him on a poster so we can all be just like him, we need someone like that in our little village!

    What a narcissist, give me a break!!!!

  5. I live next to a property in very, very bad condition.

    The letter writer is correct in saying we have rights, too.

    I, for one, will do everything I can to get the property next to me cleaned up. Everything and anything!

    Life is too short to live next to something like that.

    If you want me to help you move to another town or out in the country, to live like a pig, my family will help you pack.



    1. Hey, we don't want crap like that out in the country. Please stay in town!

    2. ................. Exactly right ....................... dont come into my area of the countryside with your junkyards ............................... my cattle are cleaner than that ................................. try moving in a heap like that and ill put spikes down on my clean county road .................................................

  6. You know, whoever wrote this letter, I just have one thing to say to you...


  7. Once again, interesting conversations, and the same question? Why is everyone anonymous? If there is a problem with the way things are being run, don't be shy, speak out about it or even do something about it. But it is hard to take anyone seriously if they won't even use their names in a public discussion of the issues. I realize that this is a small town and people get their feelings hurt easily. Instead of tearing each other down, trading barbs & insults, or making threats, you should present solutions, offer to help out a neighbor (remember when that was the norm?), but don't just whine behind your anonymity


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