Friday, June 6, 2014

Omaha TV Station Covers Crop Damage Around Dorchester

When your rural community and the surrounding area make Omaha's TV news for weather,
that's not a good thing.

Yesterday, KETV Channel 7 came to Dorchester to report on damage caused by this week's hail storm, especially when it comes to crops. 

Channel 7 interviewed Dorchester area farmer Mike Nohavec, who is one of several producers across a good section of the state who are now playing the waiting game with insurance companies.

The story goes like this:  "Mike Nohavec raises corn on a 1,000-acre farm near Dorchester. 'Almost every acre got hit with hail,' he said. 'It was like someone hitting the side of the house with a sledge hammer.'

"Nohavec has to wait five days after the storm for insurance companies to determine if a field is a total loss or if enough plants can survive to salvage a crop. ... In Saline County, University of Nebraska at Lincoln extension specialist Randy Pryor is helping another farmer take a preliminary count of how one of his fields stands.  'The magnitude of this storm is what makes it unique, with the extent of the hail damage throughout the area,' Pryor said.

"If the entire field is totaled, then farmers would have to decide if it's too late to get a new crop planted, one that would not be insured. 'We're basically looking at harvest on that corn in late November to early December for maturity reasons,' Nohavec said."

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