Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Saturday Night: DVFD 100th Anniversary Dinner & Dance

Dorchester's very own volunteer fire department is celebrating its 100th anniversary celebration. 

It's difficult to believe our community could survive without the DVFD for 32 years after the village's official incorporation.

To celebrate our town's brave first responders, a 100th anniversary celebration is planned for Saturday, June 28 at Tabor Hall. 

A tremendous dinner will be provided by Bodacious Butts and Bones, beginning at 6 p.m. 

The band Silas Creek will be playing from 8 p.m. until midnight. DHS alum Anne Kovar Tidblom is a member of the band, so be sure to catch them. Hottest act since Elvis, we are told.

Meal is a free-will donation. Cash bar. 

For those who cannot attend, but would like to mail a donation, just send it to:

P.O.Box 36
Dorchester, NE  68343 

All donations will go towards the purchase of new equipment.


  1. We thought our readers would like to know a little more about the 1927 fire engine pictured in the photo.

    This Chevy truck was donated to the Dorchester Fire Department in the early '70s, back when Harry Axline was chief. The truck itself was assembled by the DVFD members in 1928, with most the work being done by Henry Sehnert, according to information in the 1981 Centennial Book. Cost of the vehicle: $514.50.

    Sehnert drove this truck in the 1981 centennial parade.

    Members of the 1928 DVFD were: Claude Kennedy (chief), Ralph Matthews (ass't. chief), Vivian Kenney (sec.-treasurer), William Lint (foreman 1st lead), Frank Andelt (nozzle), Ernie Simpson (hydrant), E. Willis (hoseman), K. Hillis, R.L. Davis, E. Cloyd, O.D. Ross, E. Dainton, James Britton, Henry Sehnert, Tom Simmins, William Dainton, Fred August.

  2. I really hope that any one unable to attend will donate to the dept. We are very fourtanate to have such a great group of people watching our backs. Many times while we are snug in our beds, thay are out on weather watch, fighting a fire, or cleaning up after a car wreck. They deserve all the support we can give them!!!

  3. Thank you DVFD for you dedication and hard work. We need you.


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