Monday, May 19, 2014

Are You Contributing To The Dorchester Times?

In the past few days, we received questions from readers asking why the Times had not yet published a story on the DHS track and field members who qualified for state.

Our reply was the following:

Have you e-mailed us stories about results? Pictures? Links to stories online? If you had, they would be up.

Just a reminder -- the Times is operated free-of-charge by an all-volunteer staff that receives no compensation.  There's simply no way for us to keep on top all of the details surrounding everything going on in our area without reports from community members.  

For this site to be successful, we need reader input. 

Years ago, Dorchester and most of Nebraska's small communities were full of people who willfully volunteered and shared their life stories with others. Remember Marva Kasl's reports in The Crete News?  That has changed with the Internet age and with social media. There is now less community engagement, it seems. Many folks would rather keep to their gossip circles on outlets like Facebook or Twitter.

We hope our readers will become more active and send reports and photos to  

This site depends on reader interaction and communication.  Ultimately, it is your website -- whether you live in the Dorchester area, are an alum of the Dorchester Public School system, or just care about our community.  This website will thrive or fail based on your input.

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