Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas, Dorchester!

The Dorchester Times wishes our readers and all area residents a Merry Christmas. 

Thank you for allowing us to come into your homes and continue to be a part of our community and a part of your daily life. 

We are grateful for yet another wonderful year online and in Dorchester.  

As we celebrate this special time, we want to share with you the following poem, which reminded us of our community and so many special communities across Nebraska.
by Linda Watson Owen

At last! Tomorrow is the day
When our little church has its Christmas play.
Girls and boys, men, women, too,
Will deliver lines in quaint costumes. 

Shepherds and wisemen will walk the aisle
To center front then stop and smile.
'The King is born!' will be the story
Of the infant Babe Who came from glory. 

Tiny tots with fluffy stuff
Will be the lambs and sweet cherubs.
A star will shine and candles glow
When we perform our Christmas show.

Grandmas will "Ooh!" and gramps will grin
To see their grandkids marching in.
"Away in a Manger" was never so good
As it will be tomorrow in our neighborhood.

Tomorrow is it. All the practice is done.
The music will rise as the story is sung.
And somewhere far deep in the depths of our souls,
The glory of Christmas rises. It flows. 

Amid all the flurry of costume and pageant,
A holiness greater than we can imagine,
Will visit our church, settle into our hearts
For that is where Christmas, God's Gift, truly starts.

The love Jesus brought, the joy that He brings,
Is the melody every heart here truly sings.
Yes, tomorrow our evening of pageant will say,
"It's Christmas again in Small Town USA."


  1. Thank you, Times, for just saying Merry CHRISTmas and foregoing the happy holiday crap. I'm tired, so very tired, of worrying about who I might offend because of their race, religion or sexual preference (dogs, cats, other women or other men - yuck, who cares?) I think the majority of americans, at least in this neck of the woods, have about had it with others telling us exactly what to think, say and do.

    SO MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU, even cynical richard. Please let my family celebrate the reason for the holiday while those grinches out there can suck on their fruit cake.

  2. Merry Christmas fellow villagers!!!!!!!!!


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