Sunday, February 21, 2016

FLASHBACK: Joe's Place Became City Slickers Three Years Ago

(Note: This article ran at the Times in early April 2013.)

Back in 2009, Dorchester residents and natives -- even this blog's staffers -- were ecstatic about the return of Joe's Place Bar and Grill.  

In the years that have followed, Joe's Place owners Rob Parks and Sherri Jones-Parks, along with their staff, have done a fantastic with the place.

In late 2009, Jones-Parks said: "Our goal is to honor Joe (Ladman) himself by turning the bar into the hometown, friendly place where everyone knows your name, just like it was when he owned and operated it."

Joe's has been that place for our community for decades.

Unfortunately, the Times has learned from a couple of sources that Joe's Place may be, or already has been, sold.  

One of the sources say a potential buyer is from Lincoln.  This information has not been confirmed with the Parks family.



  1. Then why post it if you are not sure.. That is how rumors get started and you know how dorchester feed of that.

  2. I would say it is a "done" deal. The new owners have been there on site and are not shy about letting everyone know they purchased it. I think they are very nice people and a breath of fresh air for the community. I really hope they can make a go of it and help this town grow.

  3. Times change, folks. Deal with reality or reality will deal with you ... harshly. 95% of people don't drink like people did 30 or 20 years ago, when there was a full bar in Joes Place. People also eat healthier. If you want a community gathering spot that appeals that 95%, you need to change things. Hope the new owners think outside the box. Dorchester residents today aren't the same as those of the 1960s.

    1. Back in the "old" days, you didn't have lunch or morning coffee at the bar, you went to Koci's Cafe. Yes, times change, society changes, and people change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not.

  4. Dear mister or misses 95% of people don't drink in Joes Place anymore . Joes Place is and will remain the #1 off premis account outside of the city limits of Lincoln. It was up 11% over last years sales in Budweiser products alone. So you must be one of the fine patrons of coffee in the a.m. . And they could of fixed you a salad for something healthy when you got done working out .Ask your local farmers if they want a salad or meat and potatoes for chow . I guess there are only 5% of them left to ask .

  5. I heard the new owners are going to serve chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast every morning. I LOVE PANCAKES. Nom Nom Nom Nom!

  6. There is now a "Fish Fry Friday!" Fish and chips served all day every Friday..... with cole slaw and hushpuppies too! Delicious!!!!



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